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We are here to empower your growth

We are here to empower your growth

Gtrust is commited to deliver our services with empathy. We understand that every individual and organization is unique, and empathizing with their needs and goals is what drives us to keep pursuing better knowledge and solutions. This culture of understanding and resourcefulness enables us to provide meaningful support and create lasting impacts within the organizations we serve.

With Gtrust, you'll find a trusted partner that not only brings expertise but also a genuine commitment to your growth and success.

Our Foundation's Value

The Pillars That We Trust



Infusing enjoyment and excitement into the learning process to foster engagement and enthusiasm.


Self Aware

Guiding participants to explore and understand their own strengths, weaknesses, and motivations, facilitating personal growth.



Using our interactive methods to help individuals learn more effectively and solve challenges with greater skill.

Our Consulting History

18 Years of Delivering Empowering Solutions for Professional Growth

Established in 2006, Gtrust initiated a transformative mission to reshape conventional learning. Encouraged by a vision to challenge one-sided, teacher-centered methods, Gtrust introduced a dynamic approach that prioritizes engagement (guided by the principles of Fun, Self-Awareness, and Facilitation) over the traditional way of learning.

More than a consultancy, Gtrust shines as a catalyst for change in an environment hungry for innovation. Its story connects with those who push boundaries, aiming for comprehensive learning and progress. This ongoing journey motivates individuals and companies to adopt a new perspective of potential, establishing Gtrust as an impactful contributor in the fields of learning and development.

Meet the Experts

Professional Team Member

Paulus Fernandez


Star Ercahaya Hasugian


Eunike Adiprasasti


Niken Rarasati


What Our Partners Say About Us

Gtrust added depth to our activities, and their team displayed a wonderful blend of talent and effective facilitation methods. It was a valuable experience.

Dwi Yuliawati Faiz

Head of Programme UN Women

Gtrust’s team building program stands out for their competence and ability to mingle seamlessly within our team. The program was not only productive but also a lot of fun, thanks to the excellent facilitators. Personally, I gained valuable insights about myself and from my team members.


Advisor Process & Facilities Upstream Technical Centre at Pertamina